AMY GRANT - All I Ever Have To Be lyrics

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When the weight of all my dreams<br>Is resting heavy on my head,<br>And the thoughtful words of health and hope<br>Have all been nicely said.<br><br>But I'm still hurting,<br>Wondering if I'll ever be<br>The one I think I am.<br><br>I think I am.<br><br>Then you gently re-remind me<br>That you've made me from the first,<br>And the more I try to be the best<br>The more I get the worst.<br><br>And I realize the good in me,<br>Is only there because of who you are.<br><br>Who you are...<br><br>And all I ever have to be<br>Is what you've made me.<br>Any more or less would be a step<br>Out of your plan.<br><br>As you daily recreate me,<br>Help me always keep in mind<br>That I only have to do<br>What I can find.<br><br>And all I ever have to be<br>All I have to be<br>All I ever have to be<br>Is what you've made me.

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