AMY GRANT - A Christmas To Remember lyrics

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Twinkling lights<br>A chill is in the air<br>And carols everywhere<br>Close your eyes, it's almost here<br>Candles and cards<br>And favorite movie scenes<br>The smell of evergreen<br>As special as it's always been<br>And I have a dream or two<br>Maybe they will come true<br><br>Chorus:<br>Setting our hopes on a big snow tonight<br>We'll wake up to a world of white<br>It's gonna be a christmas to remember<br>Light up the fire, play some nat king cole<br>Always sentimental and don't you know that<br>It's gonna be a christmas to remember<br><br>I know it's true<br>Time doesn't stand still<br>Many things can change<br>But we know some things never will<br>The memories we share<br>The songs we always sing<br>The mystery of life<br>The hopefulness this season brings<br>And I have a dream or two<br>Maybe they will come true<br><br>Chorus

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