AMORPHIS - The Skull lyrics

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Carried by restless winds

Under the crimson cloud

I sailed the purple waves

Aboard my comely ship

The ship was adorned with banners

With flags dedicated for me

A spirit summoned to its sails

Emblems painted with blood


The evenin came, the night fell

The moon rose, circled the island

And all around me

The starry skies glittered in the water


I asked for his holy words

Besought his sage advice

I bowed to the skull of the bear

I prayed for the spirit of god

I asked for his holy words

And my heart began to sing

To the beat of the heavenly drum

And I prayed for the spirit of god


The ship it plotted my course

Evaded the rocks and shoals

It brought me to an island

On the shore of a sacred place


I climbed the side of the mountain

Made my way up, up the craggy slope

And on the top on a field of jagged rocks

I met a hallowed god


The wind it sang, the ship it rocked

White-crested waves they knew my course

As I fell to restless sleep

I wandered to a time that’s yet to come



I met a hallowed God x 2

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