AMORPHIS - Come the Spring (Bonus Track) lyrics

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Dream weavers above me

The wildfowl arrivin'

As a crane flies through me

I know that she will come

Leaves sprout from my horns

And sap flows from my eyes

Crackle the gravel and sand

In the pits of me white ribs


Come the spring, I and reborn

The wind lays down beside me

My dream already fades

Oh come the spring, I’ll live again

The blackened ice is meltin'

Swirlin' in my eyes

(Verse 2)

The boulders of giants

Are rollin' down my slopes

In the streams of my old veins

I carry sand for the golden reefs

As blood red buds in the snow

Flowers will rise from the ground

The deer will come a grazin'

And the bear must be awake


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