American Mall

American Mall - Every 10 Seconds

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Well time don't wait for no one<br />

No one gets it for free<br />

It's time we got it goin'<br />

Well I got tunnel vision<br />

Can't think if nothin' else<br />

Turn on the television<br />

And I can see myself<br />

I'm a star in a rock band<br />

Signing all them autographs<br />

'Cause don'tcha know that<br />

<br />

Chorus:<br />

Every 10 seconds someones changing the world<br />

Someones breakin' the rules and someone gets the girl<br />

Every 10 seconds<br />

There's a runner crossing over the line<br />

Sent my application, I got nothin' to lose<br />

Lookin' at my watch and it's a quarter to... <br />

Everything I want<br />

I can see it, see it in my mind<br />

It's just a matter of time, time, time<br />

It's just a matter of time, time, time<br />

<br />

And it takes blind ambition<br />

To rock the industry<br />

I'll make somebody listen<br />

They're gonna play my song<br />

Gonna hear it on the radio<br />

Drivin down the freeway<br />

That's what I say<br />

<br />


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