Alisha - 04) Love Will Talk (From Bounce Back 1990)

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If talk is cheap, babe

Why waste precious time

All intentions are clear

I speak my mind

Feel so excited

To be alone with you

Stretch your body to mine

I see that you…

…Feel it in your heart

You say it with your eyes

So turn the music up

And turn the lights down, baby

Hush, hush

You don't have to say a word

Love will talk

Love will talk

One touch

All the feelings can be heard

Love will talk

Love will talk to you

Trust your emotions

That you feel inside

Let the language of love

Be your guide

You want what I want tonight

Merci beaucoups

Step by step

You know dreams come true when you…

…Listen to your heart

You can hear your body talk

So, come a little closer

There's magic in the dark, baby


Ooh, love will talk to you baby!


No more conversation

Just whisper my name

Passion speaks louder

Than words could ever say

Listen, love is hear to stay!


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