Alexandra Stan

“Thanks for Leaving” NEW Song from Alexandra Stan

“Thanks for Leaving” NEW Song from Alexandra StanAlexandra Stan is back!

After the highly mediatized conflict with her manager, it was rumored that Alexandra’s singing career would end. Nevertheless, the singer is back in the spotlight with a new catchy song entitled “Thank for Leaving.” Inspired by the recent events that took place in her life, more precisely the breakup from her manager and boyfriend, Marcel Prodan, who allegedly beat her, Alexandra’s new track focuses on the feeling of relief one experiences after breaking-up with certain people.

On the 28th of April Alexandra also unveiled the visuals for her new track. Directed by Khaled Mokhtar, the video was made in collaboration with a team of professionals from the United States.

It is also rumored that Alexandra Stan collaborated with the international superstar J Balvin for a new single called “Fanta Song.” The alleged track is going to promote Fanta on the World's Football Championship in Brazil, and it will be released this summer. Stay tuned!

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