Alexandra Stan

Alexandra Stan - Balans

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Ft. Mohombi

(Verse: Alexandra Stan)

All the life is excitement, all travail feel the beat of my heart

So flotations, i'm anxious

Show me babe, work me like a mentor

(Pre-Chorus: Alexandra Stan)

Put your body on my body, put hand in mine

When your ready, say you're ready

You can get it tonight, everybody in the party want to do it now

(Hey now, hey now) Let's Play

(Chorus: Alexandra Stan)

Oh follow the leader, sexy sexy bam bam balans

(Oh balans can you, Oh balans) say it

Oh work from me harder, sexy sexy dirty la bamba

(Oh balans can you, Oh balans)

(Verse 2: Alexandra Stan)

Take me higher, yo highness

Don't be shy just gimme gimme yo luv

Babe light the fire, ohh it's perfect

And I know when every time that we touch



(Verse 3: Mohombi)

Can I get something?, yeah I want to, babe don't run, I'mma catch you

I really really luv to watch you dirty dance dirty dance for me

Looking me straight in the eyes though

I really really luv when you do yo dirty dance dirty dance for me



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