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Alexandra Burke - Ain't That Right lyrics

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They sayin' that I've been away for too long

Cause I've been rocking alone

Taking my time, watching the throne

I cannot bathe 'em a no

Bottom to bottom, filling my mind

Give 'em my daemons on time

Ain't that right? Ain't that right?

Seeing the news but I won't sing along

That there's a waste of my song

Never been drived(?!), I hit the road

So they know who's in my home

What's in my closet you wanna know

Nothing but shoes and these clothes

Ain't that right? Ain't that right?


I refuse to lose my mind

On my way to better times

I'll take my time

Cause I'm strong, I go on

I'll be fine!

I'm getting stronger, stressing no longer

Yes, I'll be fine, I'll be fine

(Verse 2)

Don't come and like you when you're spending time

Playing a dolla's a crime

I put in work, who's in the dirt?

Till I get what I deserve

Till I get one of it's mine(?!)

I gotta shine

Up from the heavens and sing on these angels of mine(?!)

Won't end up losing my mind


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