Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara - I'm Yours

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Some nerve u have to break up my lonely

And tell me u want me, how dare u march into my heart?!

Oh how rude of u to ruin my miserable & tell me I’m beautiful

Cos' I wasn’t lookin' for love no!

Nobody asked u to get me attached to u, in fact u tricked me

And I wasn’t tryna fall in love but boy u pushed me

So all that I’m askin' is that u handle me with caution

Cause I don’t give myself often, but I guess I’ll try today


Cos' I’ve had my heart broken before

And I promised I would neva let me hurt anymore

But I tore down my walls & opened my doors

And made room for one, so baby I’m urs

Oh, baby I’m urs, oh, baby I’m urs (x2)

But I tore down my walls & opened my doors

And made room for one, so baby, I’m urs

(Verse 2)

I’m mad at u fo' bein' so cute & changin' my mood & alterin' my rude

What’s wrong with u?! You make me sick for bein' so perfect

What did I do?! What can I do, oh, and I wasn’t tryin'

To melt this heart of iron, but the way u hold me makes the old me pass away

And I would be lyin' if I said I wasn’t scared to fall again

But if u promise me you’ll catch me then it’s ok



Oh I hate that I, spend my days just wastin' time day dreamin' till I see you again

I’m not used to this

Oh, I used to be so used to boys just usin' me for you to be you to me

Feels new to me cos' I usually cheer for the bad side

Luv under a bad sign, so it makes me mad I’m

Fallin' again, fallin' again


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