Al - Why U Trippin?

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One day you came into my life

and asked me to be your woman again ?

But, oh No, I don't think it's that easy,

so go home and take care of your ho's

*It's not that I don't care about you, boy,

remember the time we spent the night together,

yes, how you treated me was just wasn't right,

so I'm telling you now...,

Don't come back to me

** Why you trippin you don't even know the reason why, boy

If you gonna come back in my life, you better straight up,

cause I don't wanna take care another player underneath my soul,

so go where you belong and don't bother me

Now here you are telling me to stay

after all the things you made me go through ?

Oh hell No ! I already have my own life

and you're not welcome anymore

* repeat

** repeat


So why you trippin ?

After all this time, you wanna come back in my life and be mine ?

But I could see through your design you wanna act like you change, boy

But I'm pass your toy antics play tactics and it ain't gonna happen you think that

you could tap into my heart with the smarts, nope no hope,

I've grown so let it be known that this time, boy you're on your own !

** repeat<br><br>Thanks to thudord

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