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When I wake up I'm searching for something

I don't know what I wanna do

Now I am lookin' in the mirror

I feel like I wanna change

Oh! oh

Somebody call me up tonight

And take me out of this room

Right now cause I'm ready to change

Myself to Diva

Just put my hair up and start putting my

Make up I'm ready to have party

And have some fun tonight are you ready to go have

Fun tonight ?! Then let's go show ! show off !

Now here we are dancin' at the club

But in the crowd what can I do ?

And that guy's lookin' at this way

Laughing at me ? Oh boy I don't think


D.J. put my music on right now

And let me show what I could do

Right now cause I'm ready to dance

Just look at me !

I'll shine

* repeat 2x<br><br>Thanks to thudord

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