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* (Don't leave me all alone)

(What Can I do without you)

(Take me back where I was and hold me in your arms)

Memories sometime cross mind

And I get afraid in my loneliness

Praying, I'm wishing you come back to me

Cause I don't wanna cry anymore no, no

* (Don't leave me all alone) a hay...

(What Can I do without you) what can I do

(Take me back where I was and hold me in your arms)

Please take me back where I was and hold me in your arms once again

** I wish I was more stronger to take this pain and throw away

And start all back at one but can't let it go (when I close my eyes)

Cause all I hear is your sweet voice in me

And I can't stop thinkin'... come back to me

Can't sleep at night without your love

Just my tears falling in my pillow

Heart break, I didn't know that it hurt so bad why

It's aching more and more (no no)

* repeat

I wish I could control all my pain and all my tears

But you're not here with me (Just) another chance

That's all I want from you please understand

That's what I wish for... back in your arms

"Every time I go home, and I turn the key and nobody's there, but I wish,

You were there with me..."

Walking alone in my room

With no one by my side

Only your picture's in the frame mmm...

I start my answer machine

But you'll never leave a message

Should I call ? I hesitate

I'm so confused... Oh what should I do...

** repeat<br><br>Thanks to thudord

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