Akcent - Te Quiero lyrics

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Ft. Galena


Baby, u can see me right now

Baby, u can touch me right now

Baby, u can have me right now

Livi livi livi Livia


Loosin' u is my biggest nightmare

U can call me I'll be right there

With my love everythin' I share

Livi livi livi Livia


Dime por que ries

Dime por que hiciste eso

Dame tus caricias

Te quiero, te quierooo, te quierooo

Te olvido te olvido te olvido

Dime por que ries

Tu sin miedo me excitas


(Verse 2)

All of this cos' u are my sweetheart

My heart is beatin' faster than race kart

This is nothin' and babe we just start

Livi livi livi Livia

(Chorus x2)

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