Akcent - How deep is your love lyrics

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I'm trying..not

To be falling,

While I'm into

Thinkin' of you..

Wanna touch you

I'm drowning..

Inside you,


And ever,and ever..

How deep is your looooooooove..

Your looooooooove, your loooove !

Your love,your love,your love...

'm trying ...to

See you flying

Wanna take you

Into the blue

Wanna hold you

I'm feeling

So magic

When you're here

There's no fear, there's no fear

How deep is your looooooooove

Your looooooooooove, your loooove !

Your love,your love,your love...

I'm falling

Inside this feeling

So keep me falling

Right inside you

Having no clue..

Keep me falling

We're falling

Into the blue

Having no clue

What should we do

We'll be falling &iuml;n....<br />

<br />

Thanks to oana

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