AIDEN - Hysteria

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Love how they burn your synagogues

Love how they torch your holy books

Filling coffers with your grief

Filling coffins with your misery

Faith holding outright criminals safe

This is just the world we live in

Can you justify the pain

The death of fiction will save us all


We live We die

I wont give up

In a world worth saving goodbye

I don't have anything to fear

I live, I live hysteria

Wait supporting outright genocide

Hate let us all disseminate

A message to your herd

Our voices will be heard

Now faith is a question you can choose

Faith whether Christian, Muslim, Jew

Still you all distort the truth

The death of fiction will save us all

Searching for the answers are

you asking all the questions

Will the evidence suffice your fear

Human evolution is the only real solution

All the truth you gotta hear

Would you stand and fight

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