ADAM GREEN - That Sounds Like a Pony

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That sounds like a pony

Sevens upstairs brothels

with plackers on the mantels

And ten fish play with samples

with candles in the back

he was a well dresses suitor

he had bad breath and candor

I thing they would have liked him

but he got killed by his manager

Fuzzy and cuddly he’s fonzo the rabbit

he drink form the nozzle and stinks like a ferret

The bought him a temple with children to play with

now he sells his skunk blood and talks like a plaintiff

Hello to my red uncles you are my favorite commies

I’ll meet you Sal Anthony’s and then go to Pilates

worship the swordsmen the multitasking Mormons

They breath up in the shithouse when you wrap them in contortions

goddess immodest top twenty-seven hottest

with forty-nine heads in your bed and yet I’m still your fondest

Take me through the mandible with pcp’s and van der Bilts

where pg rated cannibals will share their thoughts on animals

And peanut butter sandwiches will plug the hole that banishes

with sights on race that vanishes

But that sounds like a pony.

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