ADAM GREEN - Stadium Soul

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I feel lovely

To live in a bachelors pad

I feel lucky

But its not my choice to feel bad

Its not weary

No matter how sad that I roll

Cause here by your side

Im so pious and kind

Oh i love your stadium soul

Ive been nervous

I love you too much my dear

Its not murder

But thank you for waiting five years

Whats so impressive

its there is no doubt in my mind

Ill just say

I get by with your way

Oh its such a beautiful crime

Love you till Im ninety-nine

I have to be affected

I had to be the schmuck

Who tries to be smart

I had to be obsessive

In my compulsion

In the effort of playing my part

So dont relax me

Mr Gatsby

And leave thy bachelors home


Here by your side

Im so pious and kind

oh i love your stadium soul

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