ADAM GREEN - Boss Inside

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How do you find the guy around here

I've already sped through a year

I've already tried all the campus bars at night

and even cried alone at the diner

somewhere there's a prince and he likes to strike me down

I know I'm not the reason

I'm just the one he found

and all these other cowards, they're not hard to boss around

you just get them in your arms and you hold them till they drown

I walked back to the cottage with no hand around my wrist

when I heard the sound of vodka bottles breaking

I went out to the clearing, he was standing with a fist

but I couldn't see the face that he was making

He said make me some dinner

I said "I thought you'd never ask"

he was standing in my kitchen I was filling up his glass

He finally started screaming and pointing to the bed

he wanted me to kill him but I took his life instead

Ugly moments strung together and the poor guy

couldn't even find his temper

and he could no longer make me cry

I guess the boss inside of him died

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