Ace Hood

Ace Hood - 0 To 100 (Freestyle) lyrics

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You are now in-tuned to the beast mix

I got the key to winnin', I'm the locksmith

You can say your prayers once the Glock lift

Sleepin' on me, Freddy Krueger, I'm a nightmare!

Fuck all this hatred, you need to chill shit

I body these rappers, I got the kill switch

I'm the one, get it done and I'm like the Seal 6

Police askin' me questions, I keep the sealed lip

Oh, Lord, I am the illest you gotta deal with

She blew my brains out, she a real creep

12 hollow rounds in the Glock clip

I should just get to bangin' if ya said trip

Betta watch yo mrs., I'mma shoplifter

Go to slammin' in that pussy like a moshpit

Money and power, nigga, this our year

Just know they not on the block if they know the cops there

Damn right, 120 on the turn pipe

Lookin' like some head at the red light

She can't get enough, this dick a crack pipe

Let me fuck her to Machiavelli, that's thugg life!

Switch the flow up, nigga focused and I'm on that potion

It's hocus-pocus topped with disappearing, noticed you niggas bogus

In the Beamer, picture me rollin'

And I'm heavy boastin'; fuck yo favorite, bitch I'm the chosen

Chef and candy coated, I'm the boss, I can't get promoted

I got plenty shootaz, but you know I just got attoted

If it's murda, homie, then it's guaranteed that I wrote it

If it's hot, I'm on it, get to bussin' like I was Tony

Target Montana, pretty bitches in my cabana

I'll fuck yo propaganda, richest nigga with bad grammar

Glock in 'em dirty hampers, the clip is like up and at 'em

We the best on my back, can you kindly show me some manners?

Nigga, hood nation! Fuck waitin' and fuck patience

I'mma get it now, anybody get traumatized on that drama time

I'm the one who you idolize, I ain't neva lie

Gotta ride, they petrify, hope I neva die!

Pussy niggas, they eva try, get 'em televoized

Sing 'em more than a lullaby

I was born, nigga, watch them richer get into war nigga

I kill shit, welcome to the morgue, nigga


Now it's time to feel it, I don't like niggas

(Whole squad on that real shit)

Everywhere I go, I got my team with me

Only bad bitches ever seen with me

Niggas jealous and they still livin'

(Whole squad on that real shit)

Still livin'

Before I leave this bitch, free Meek Milly!

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