ABBA - Midnight Special lyrics

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Well, you wake up in the morning<br>Hear the ding-dong ring<br>You go marching to the table<br>See the same old thing<br>See the fork on the table<br>Nothing in your pan<br>If you sing a thing about it<br>You're in trouble with the man<br><br>Let the midnight special shine a light on me<br>Let the midnight special shine it's ever loving light on me<br><br>If you ever go to houston<br>Well, you better act right<br>And you better not gamble<br>And you better not fight<br>For the sheriff will arrest you<br>Then he'll take you down<br>And before you understand it<br>You are prison bound<br><br>Let the midnight special<br>Shine a light on me<br>Let the midnight special<br>Shine it's ever loving light on me<br>On me, on me

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