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A View From the Top movie - Was That My Life

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Song by Jo Dee Messina<br /><br>

I don't want to be the one who's old before their time<br>

And loose the wonder that I felt as a child<br>

I can't run this race believing I might loose<br>

There's still so much to see, and so much left to do <br>


Yes I'll fall before I fly<br>

But no one can say I never tried <br>


Oh we just get one<br>

Ride around the sun<br>

In this dream of time<br>

It goes so fast<br>

That one day we look back<br>

And we ask<br>

Was that my life? <br>


I close my eyes and think how lucky I have been<br>

To hold the ones I love and share my dreams with them<br>

All those sunny days and all those starry skies<br>

Good morning kisses and sweet goodnights <br>


I can't tell them enough<br>

Just how much that they are loved <br>


(Repeat Chorus Twice)<br>


Was that my life<br>

Goin' on by <br>

Rollin' rollin' rollin' by<br>

Was that my life<br>

Was that my life<br>


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