A View From the Top movie

A View From the Top movie - Utopia

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Song by Sofia Loell<br /><br>

I see the world with different eyes<br>

loud and clear I hold my view<br>

I see no reason yet to give up<br>

the sweat idea of my utopia<br>


Lately I've found myself<br>

drowning in coffee and other habits<br>

told me to make a change<br>

told me to get a grip of things<br>

like just buy a paper to follow up<br>

the rest of the world on the other side of my fence<br>


I see the world...<br>


I figured there'll be someone<br>

waiting for someone else like me<br>

someone that needs a break<br>

needs to catch up with the real world<br>

maybe that someone and me could meet<br>

maybe together we could explore the other side<br>


can you hear the melody<br>

can you hear the world is calling us<br>

I have always lived like this<br>

turned inside myself in my utopia<br>

oh my utopia<br>


I see the world....<br>


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