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A View From the Top movie - Boys Don't Cry

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Song by Plumb<br /><br>

You sit there on the couch<br>

Sipping your scotch and ice<br>

You turn the TV on<br>

And tune me out again<br>


So what would you say to me<br>

If you could talk to me<br>

You could ask anything<br>

I wouldn't lie<br>

But you're okay with this<br>

Damaging awkwardness<br>

So i'll just play it safe<br>

And keep it inside<br>

Boys don't cry<br>


I used to hold your hand<br>

So tight there was no question<br>

But now even when you're near<br>

I've never felt so alone<br>


If you just stand beside me<br>

I'll keep you in my life<br>

Tell me how much you love me<br>

And i'll be just fine<br>

Don't be afraid of me<br>




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