A Tyrant Is Born

A Tyrant Is Born - Nope lyrics

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"Nope" is what you say when you're about to get raped

So spread your cheeks sonny

Hope, is what is lost when i begin to penatrate

So spread your cheeks im coming in

Protect your tooshie, I'm a big fella so that means more cushion for the pushin'

I like them ripe

Bring your butt plug tonight, we're gonna have some fun

I've finally found my purpose

Elope, is what's about to happen

"Cope" is what your therapist will say

Dope, is what i think of this

Positive slope, is on the graph of kids i rape

Soap, is what will clean up the mess

Telescope, is what i use to see the neighbors kids

Fisting Frenzy

Mope, is what you'll do when you get home

Isotope, is one of two or more Adems

Cantaloupe, is what i'll shove up your rectum

I'm so stoked, for little Jimmy's birthday party


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