A Tyrant Is Born

A Tyrant Is Born - Left Hook (Bonus Track)

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Dequante: Yo, when I hit a nigga with a left hook, I "f" up a nigga's looks. So don't come at me thinkin' I'm on MTV. At night I close my eyes in despise, wishin' I didn't have to see niggas in pain from my big left hook to their brain. Every time I'm spittin' my game, people need to treat me like im Lil Wayne. So don't be ashamed when you hear my game.

Dec: Yea yea yea you know me as "Big D" I ride a deck like a "g" fo but that doesn't mean imma pee. Hahaha, I hit 'em with a left hook. I don't read no books. You look kinda like Captain Hook. Lick, sick, mick, fick, tick. Imma feelin' sick cause you have no dick. Taste my fist, mmmh, tastes like yo blood. I see you fallin' now in the mud. Hahaha, imma make a flood of yo blood. Hahaha, right, right uppercut. Left hook, knock out G. Now you see who has the better knees.

E.J: Uh X-Men in the house baby.

Everyone: Yeah

E.J: Swagga yea yea. Big E.J. Don't get me mad bro, you don't wanna see me mean. I'll scratch your face G they call me "Wolverine" If it weren't for my facial hair, I'd look like I was thirteen. I'll hit you with my left hook, don't mess with me im a machine. After I'm done theres always a huge applause. My left hook is perfect brotha, there ain't no flaws. I'll keep punching you, neva stop, I will neva pause. And, the thing that will hurt the most is my giant metal claws. You want a piece of my left hook, meet me in the foyer. Adem Leff calls himself "TheBoss" My left hook is the employer. But that ain't all its called, its the destroyer. After I'm done with you, you betta call up yo lawyer. Yo, listen to me, imma straight up G, and I'm free because I be "Big E" baby.

Everyone: Yeah, Yeah

Dequante: Yo yo yo, once again it's "Big DQ" steppin' to the mic. Niggas think this all night. But once they feel that left hook, lights out, baby, I'm a gangsta till the end of time. Neva let anything rule my mind. Yea my left hand is my numba one weapen. I'm puttin' niggas in heaven twenty-fo seven.

Everyone: I hit 'em with the left hook, don't hit 'em with the right. My rhymes are so sick I can be here all night. I hit 'em with the left hook, don't hit 'em with the right. My rhymes are so sick I can be here all night.

Eli: Yo uh. Candyass Lilo up in this place. Hit you so hard straight in the face. I'll hit you with a left like I did to Adem Leff. Rollin' with A Tyrant Is Born. Don't mess with us or you'll get torn apart. Like I said from the start I'm ruthless, I'll tear out your heart and feed it to the hounds, tear you to shreds. There'll be nothing to be found once you're beaten, dead. I will destroy anything and everything in my path. You'll feel my wrath cause I'm really fat so when I attack we'll see who laughs then. Rollin' with Chris Penn. So look out boy cause we'll destroy. We'll beat your face in. Violence makes us grin cause we're sick and twisted. And, you'll be listed in the obituaries once we're done. We kill just for fun. No one will survive, no one.

E.J: They call me "Big E" cause i've gotta big dick (Yeah) It's really big unlike someone named "Nick" Come over here girl, you can give it a lick. But Nick's little penis is as small as a Tic-Tac. And, he's gotta weird shaped ballsack. Ya women are something that I will never lack (Uh) By the way yo Dequante is black, and I'm back, and my left hook will make your skull crack. Hey, I just wanted to say that Nick is really gay, and Andres is a monkey, and thats okay, cause we play brutal music. Yay. And, my name is E.J. My left hook kills, just like my drum fills. I give people the chills. I make people need pills to stop the pain that I gave to them, mang. I am insane. I love The New Reign. My left hook is more powerful than a gun. So, when I'm pissed it'd be in your best intrest to run. Remember my name, it's "E.J." and I'm numba one. But, I gotta go now. It's been fun, but, I'm done.

Eli: Candyass Lilo up in it again with the crushing strength of a thousand men. My devastating left hooks go down in history books. My rhymes so sick, making niggas nauseous. So, you best approach with caution. I'm a killing machine. Once I arrive, no one will survive. You think you're tough? You're not man enough to handle this greatness. So, know all that awaits you is your imminent death. And, next time you breathe it'll be your last breath. I'm out.

Dequante: Yo yo uh. Check it DQ. My game's so sick. You can bounce on my stick. Niggas don't wanna flow with me cause you say the wrong words you catch a hook to your face. Trust me I put it in its place. These streets no jokes, kills hopes and dreams. Nothing's ever what it seems. My rhymes are like a river stream. Let me in your night with this over-hand right. Then you'll be flying like a kite, gonna be outta sight.

Zach: Ay yo left hook. Imma block ya. Not gonna work yo. Im 'bout to pop ya. Ain't nobody messin' wit me, nobody messin' wit her. Imma make yo night a crazy freakin' blur cause you messin' wit my girl. Get the heck out of this world. Ba-da-bi-di-bi-di-burl. Ba-da-bi-di-bi-di-burl. Oh, you thought I said somethin'. Well, no I didn't. Ha ha ha ha. I'm here to win it. God is my left hook. He about to pop ya. I'm a bull fighter. Imma gonna say "boo ya". You're dead meat. You're gonna be gone, uh. Bye, bye, bye. That's NSync. What the? I'm confused. My rhymes are screwed. Oh well, t's true. I'm white, so are you. What's the big deal? I can try, can't I? well I am so what? I got ATIB on my side. They gonna bust you up boy, gonna play you like a toy, gonna do it wit joy. I don't wanna rhyme anymore.

E.J: It's E.J. JK about being done. There's too many ideas in my head to stop, there is a ton. Whenever I hit with my left hook I hear the words "the fight's been won" And I am always the winner. I am on fire like the sun. I've finna found out what works in a fight and it is my left hook. Whenever I get in a brawl ev'ryone around has to look. And afterwards I hear ev'ryone talk about how the earth shook. I knock 'em dead. It's a quick fight cause my left hook is all it took.

Everyone: I hit 'em with the left hook, don't hit 'em with the right. My rhymes are so sick I can be here all night. I hit 'em with the left hook, don't hit 'em with the right. My rhymes are so sick I can be here all night. I it 'em with the left hook, don't hit 'em with the right. My rhymes are so sick I can be here all night. I hit 'em with the left hook, don't hit 'em with the right. My rhymes are so sick I can be here all night.

Dequante: Nigga<br />

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