A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz

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Woo...grand groovegrand groove (2x)


Tough like a nugget

Listen to the abstract poeticdon't snub it

The midnight marauder is the hype beat arranger

Don't front on the lyrics or the two cuz it's danger

Hook you like a junkieyou'll flip like a monkey

To the openness of the rhythmso proceed because I'm funky

I get downdown like a fly hooker's panties

Make you catch a spirit and motivate a fanny

I be the fly poetrappersthey get jelly

Upset when I rockcuz yothey beats is smelly

SeeI got it goin on like a forbes tax return

Listenin to these lyrics when it's hot will make it burn

Baby burnbaby burnup into the heavens

The skies up abovethe one you think of

Is the highly regardedhell of the people

Your mic and my mic? come onyono equal

So if ya wanna do it to yourself

That is to mess around with the jazzthen just blame yourself

Cuz you made your bedso now you lay in it

That's your (shit) on the floorthen go and play in it

I refuse to catch a 'l' in a battle

Cuz yoI got the jazz and I'll whup a rapper's (ass)

Into little next to nuthin

Test me if I'm frontin

I'm passin flyin colors cuz yo...

Chorus (q-tip):

Who got the jazz? (we've got the jazz) (7x)

We've got the jazz

Come on

Come onphife


No need for introductions cuz you know who I be (the phife dawg)

Yepthe one who loves to slaugher mcs

I got stylegrace and razamatazz

I'm like my girl patrice rushenyo

I add pizazznow

Most people remember phife from the phife like smoothness

But now it's time to hit you with roughneck rudeness

I'm still vexedfuminggots to come raw

The first punk that tries to flexI'll be cracking your jaw

I'll mold youfold youroll you up like a spliff

Don't ever try to test or else that (ass) will get whipped

I'm forever poppin junkit's like a fat invite

To any mc who wants to flexyowe can do this tonight

Gel up my posse up on linden and 1-9-2

Pull up my brothas from sayers ave.the brooklyn zoo

All my crew up in strong islandso yodon't sleep

Cuz it only takes a peek to watch that (ass) get beat

Brothas wanna play roughbut they can all get some

Wanna be herobut you're a zerothat means you gets none

Don't ever try to step to a kid you can't get with

Why mess with a brotha that your girl once slept with?

I'm a negrohe's a negrowanna be a negro too?

But beatin on a womanis somethin that a puss would do

I love jazzbut that doesn't mean that I'm timid

Not really a gangsta rapper but I can swing it for a minute


Who got the jazz? (we've got the jazz) (3x)

Come on

Who got the jazz? (we've got the jazz) (3x)

Come on

I go...woo...grand groovegrand groove

Ooh...grand groovegrand groove

Check it out

We got the jazz y'all (3x)

(ad lib)

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