A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest - Everything Is Fair

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chorus (George Clinton from Funkadelic's "Let's Take It to the People"): "Everthing is fair when you're livin in the city"(8X) Q-Tip: Lookin at Miss Lane, it was the fast lane Barely knows her name, struck by fame She just got a Benz, she rides with her friends Gotta keep her beeper in her purse to make ends Rollin down the block, checkin out the spots She winks at the cops, always give her props She knows she's the woman, can't nobody touch her Hangs out for the loot, makes her papes from the gutter Tried to make my moves on Miss Lane, she called me young boy Told her not to dis me I just want to be your love toy You young boy, my love toy, I doubt that very highly Just because you rhyme don't mean I'll let you try me Business oriented, egos never dented Always sweet scented, if it's business, she meant it Distractions never hurt, always did the work Always was alert, she never got jerked Queen of the feats, thrive to compete Love the funky beats while she drive down the street She was justified, couldn't get a job Had to feed her family, so she had to play, then rob Pullin out the ooh wop, listenin to doo-wop You don't have to say a word (gunshots)That's all ya heard chorus(4X) She's not a big kahuna, wish I met her sooner Instead, I met her later, my love is much greater Put me on her roster, to rid her of imposters And to sell the buddah for the sexy drug ruler Love is my motive, now I'm drug promotive Plus I needed duckets to fill up my buckets Supplied me with the squeezy to make my life easy Now I'm missing action for this fatal attraction But don't you let me catch you with your joint up in these bitches And don't you even dare to plan a plot upon my riches Cuz if you play me out, I think I'll let ya be I'll be damned if I let a brotha try to gas me I played my cards well, try to live swell For the G, I would sell, cuz I was deep in hell But then I really wasn't, she had a fly cousin Who would give me booty on the side of my cutie Elaine, she kinda new, that I would do the do But she didn't tear, I did my work with care That's all that really mattered, he money never splattered As long as she was paid, she was in the shade You can't really blame her for holdin on a flamer Society taught her, but they didn't tame her A ten clip salute, hunny heres a troop She will never stop until she reach the top Top, top...

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