A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest - Da Booty

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What is it that everybody has

And some pirates and theives try to take


Da booty (and if you is a crook than you takin' it)

Da booty (and if you got money you shakin' it)

Da booty (come on everybody that's herethat's word

To phife dawg and my man shaheed)


I give my promise to all y'all to keep my shit hittin'

Half of y'all claim dog but now a light kitten

Flippin' on brothers just like mary lou retton

Get off that ass and see what I'm settin'

Born with this insideyou just can't get it

This is the lethal pop and you have no weapon

Who is the native brother who keep asses steppin'

Make deep impressions and constantly be reppin'


When I was young I'd stretch gouch yo

Now I'm on lettermanon the couch yo

The black thing with knives is called the back do'

Can't we be cool instead of being foul though

Ghetto child dreams of fast cars and fast dollars

Impressions of live sometimes makes ya holler

Scream all that devil shit and talk like a scholar

You dumb as a doorknoband why do you bother


Phife dawg puttin' the bite back in yours

Top dogputtin' it upflick his balls

Mc from now til I get a frown

Shake that ass girl because you world renowned

Wake uplook at the sunsee the sights

Bull dukeyou've got to die for your rights

Mc'sy'all got to work for the mic

Zombiesdo it from dusk to the night



Rock to the beatyo it's never the same

Good girls usually got good game

Hot cats tearin' that ass out the frills

Block assyou had no skillsthat's the reals

Make this money without the friction

Take this honeythere goes your diction

Rappers better retreatfix your joints

My whole crew got bumps on they points


Rumors being spread 'bout me and my click

We can't rock shows and our rhymes ain't shhh

Might not've heard itor maybe you have

Between me and youthey can kiss my ass

Used to get angryused to get quite vexed

But say what you mayjust cash my check

'cause all I'm ever guilty of is going on tour

Doing shows galoreand bringin' it raw


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