A Toys Orchestra

A Toys Orchestra - 1000 Flaming Dragonflies

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The wrinkles on my face are dusty and dark<br />

as the scratches on a record forgotten in the attic<br />

but the night that will comes<br />

knows all my prayers better<br />

she will clasp me in her arms<br />

she will crumble me as a bun<br />

the moon has drunk too much<br />

she’s drowned into her scotch<br />

but i’ll count the sheep,i’ll count my breathes,<br />

i’ll count the bites on my lips,<br />

the autumn leaves,the can of beer,<br />

the newborn tears,the glasses filled,<br />

the human fears,theunpayed bills,<br />

the fish of the sea...<br />

No whale will sing tonight<br />

no zodiac will give me a light<br />

1000 flaming dragonflies<br />

make my way through the ice<br />

but downthere,we are just a number,<br />

a dive into the air,<br />

the memory of a tale<br />

if you could go under my cold and trembling skin<br />

and if you could stop my breathe..<br />

Only then you would stop me.

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