A Thousand Horses

A Thousand Horses - (This Ain’t No) Drunk Dial

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Girl, don't hang up, I called on purpose

Yeah, I've had a few, hell I'm hurting

Our song came on the radio

I could hear u singing along

So I took the long way home

So I could listen to it all


It sounds like oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-whoa-oh-oh

It sounds like oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-whoa-oh-oh


This ain't no drunk dial

Ain't no words that I'll forget in the mornin'

Still mean everythin' I said!

I know it's late & I ain't called in a while

But this ain't no drunk dial

(Verse 2)

We ain't got to talk about what happened

But I'll take the blame if u want me to have it

Somewhere in this full moon night

There's a way to make this whole thang right

If u leave the front door open

I'll be there befo' u know it



This ain't courage from a bottle

It's just 1 last shot to give it all we got, yeah



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