A Sunset Diary

A Sunset Diary - Tidal Waves

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hey told him it's better

To stay off the roof in stormy weather

But he thought it's not true

So the wind came to take him

Down to the shore

It felt like things that he lived for

Don't matter anymore

He saw his mum

Out of the corner of his eye

Reaching for her son

They told her it's better

To stay in her room in stormy weather

But she thought it's not true

So she stood by the railing

With her eyes on the sea

When the waves came to take her

She tried so hard to breathe

She was kept underwater for miles and miles and miles and miles

She dreamt of growing older

And she knew it wasn't time to die

Beneath he saw the ocean

He felt the wind was slowing down

He saw her riding the waves

When his feet softly touched the ground

And as they collide

Like the wind and the waves

They knew they were right

All those things that people told her

In times when life was colder

They never really meant a thing

This wasn't the world that she believed in

And now she found out on her own

That life means so much more

When you're not scared of rough ways

To find your real love some day

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