A Sunset Diary

A Sunset Diary - Circles Oh Circles

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kickin around to get out now

try to get out now

we spin all day long on

a carousel that won’t let us out

won’t let us out

but before i start to faint

before i turn insane

my story takes a twist cuz i know nothing

about these given lanes

about your social games

and you might never ever see me again

your faces are pale and dull

the colors left ages ago when you were younger

it’s in your blood oh

the seedy city can’t keep me astray no longer

..would be so great if we all can go to where we want to be

don’t get this wrong

it’s not your fault

don’t get this wrong

but i need to go

don’t get this wrong

but this time i’ll follow my heart

come sing along

so that leaving won’t tear us apart

killers in my head

would you go and die instead

of keeping me alone

by murdering my hopes<br />

<br />

Thanks to Razvan

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