rate me

I'm holding the door open to see through

how about you

I'm tired of waiting for the comfort of pleasure down below

I've had enough

I take the back routes

I know my way

don't tell me how

I'll figure it out

this is harder then you think

Your picture lingers in the mirror

I know your past

my feelings blinded by the future of sex gone bad

I got you off before we started

you're way too fast

don't tell me how I'll finish you now

this is harder then you think

You're not upset this time

you're only freaking out on me

the future's way too far ahead and memories all I've got

instead of all those things I said to you were lies to get you naked

to admit it's all your fault that you were wrong

I can't pretend anymore with my heart on the floor

and my feelings bursting out the seams

I won't try one more time

cause I'll die in my mind

and my confidence is spilling out the sides

it's spilling out the sides

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