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The walls inside my heart are bleeding

I tell you this because I'm leaving

opportunity comes at the worst time and place

it creeps up from behind and puts you in your place

a roller coaster of pain is running through my mind

I think about the day I leave all of the time

Disillusions of former self are running through my head

nowhere to go but back from here

no rearview mirror to show the way you came

I can't be held accountable for things upon your past

I can't expect to live with you if you want things to last

You and me we can't foresee who will be the last one

and things will never be the way they seem until I'm back in action

The thoughts inside my head are twisted

with no respect for future wishes

the days gone by have come too fast

you're a part of my future like a part of my past

if you don't look down then things will be alright

anticipation comes and I'm gone for the night

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