A Dee

A Dee - Wings to Fly

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Ive been hurt. Not once but many times.

Thats why i took up rhyme. Never understood, why I.

Could be such a misunderstood guy,

With no friends, not even one could understand.

The pain. Living down, growin up its been the same,

Never changed till things got stained.

Now where am I? Same position, with new brain.

New attitude wont change, and im Still praying.

Il be fine, coz by the way that im going i dont think things will be the same.

Deep inside they all hate,

Why? Im strange? Why?

I hate being called a number of things just coz im unique.

Im different, new point of view

The sky aint the limit for me, if im into you.

The hassles that i gain, from strange loops

Of life, i wish i never knew that i could fly coz’ …


I got this devil in me,

But the angels aint suprised.

I guess that i was lonely,

So they gave me wings to fly.

I dont see how im changing,

But it happens all the time.

Wings to fly x3


I wish change could of been easy,

But everything i try breaks into ten pieces,

I try being kind, but they take wrongs, not rights.

Yeah, its a damn long flight.

Yh your damn right, I love losing,

Coz’ if i dont die then i live gaining,

A new strength i guess that i take the pain in.

Its not basic. But its strange, here is where its raining.

Im no thug, but if i had to live by the gun,

The first name on it would be mine.

But damn, i can’t take my own life,

Coz’ i’d abide, by what god, sent me here to deprive.

But why? God gave me this passion- a gift,

I guess music is my only shit.

Only way to get by, make time fly,

Deny the rain and use pain I…


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