A DAY TO REMEMBER - Why Walk On Water When We've Got Boats

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Watch what you say on the stand. You're running in circles.

I know more than you think and your words are empty.

Of all the heavenly host's!

This will all make sense when the records gold.

What's a few more units for your soul?

You're waisting my time,

while there waisting away.

You'll never, you'll never save me.

You've dropped every line,

but they don't mean a thing.

You'll never, you'll never save me.

You live your life in the saddest way I've ever seen.

You are the reason i don't believe.

I'm not denying the worth of things unseen,

and this isn't a part of the next big thing.

I'm just dying to show them all that you are.

You are nothing.

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