A DAY TO REMEMBER - Show 'em the Ropes

rate me

just hold your breath

to make sure you wont wake up again

cause you ruined my 04

that's the best that i could hope for

to watch you fall apart from the inside

we're gonna spread it to the world

to the world

about how you lied

how you lied

a free lesson on growing up

never trust anyone to the point

where your backs exposed

every person i've ever known was a fake

and you'll see your closest ones go first

who needs enemies you've got friends

i'm a gentleman and you're a liar

i expect the best of you but it's so hard

but it's so hard

lets start over

when we reach the top well watch you bury yourself

this wasn't easy

it wasn't easy

a free lesson on growing up

make the best of their worst

and never compromise what you feel is right

i make a point to be powerful when i speak

be the one that gives them nightmares when they sleep

never back down from anyone

i watched the weight of your world

cave in to crush you

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