A Chorus Line Soundtrack

A Chorus Line Soundtrack - Ultramagnetic MCs

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1750 [Ced Gee] Yo whassup yo We in the Ultra lab man We got this beat rollin man We might as well start this Chorus Line, y'all with that? [Tim Dog] Word up, yeah let's do this shit man Let's get on that [Ced Gee] Yo so how we gonna do this? Yo.. Matter of fact, you know how we gon' do it? Yo Tim Dog, you lead it off, aight? [Tim Dog] Aight [Ced Gee] We gonna, yeah we gonna get out of here man It's on you, take it my brother [Tim Dog] Ahhhhhhhhh [edited], call me the hick that vicked To lick the dick you spick, cause I'm too quick I be appraisin, raised with the brave I'm the headmaster and you're my slave Metaphor master, rhymes are disaster Have the class to, faster, call me the master You wanna jet, project with a similie But I'm so large I boned your girl Emily Procrastinator, laid her, hate her, played her, sprayed her You wanna be taught? Later I'll control, get bold, uphold, re-fold in tow.. cause I got so many dollars, scholars, holler Girlies wanna stop and talk but I walk away, cause Dog don't lay If rappers wanna play - go ride a sleigh I'll compare and dare with a stare You say where? I'm over here Metaphor physical, rhymes are artistical lyrical mircales difficult, to some terrifical Hypothetically, alphabetically Energetically, theoretically No joke hardcore, rhymes will sting more Dog will get more, yes yes yes y'all I manifest protest and progress Confess with reflex, cause I get cold sex I can't believe how dope I am Give me a pound, thank you ma'am So whether you thi

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