A Chorus Line Soundtrack

A Chorus Line Soundtrack - At The Ballet

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SHEILA Daddy always thought that he married beneathhim That's what he said, that's what he said. When he proposed he informed my mother He was probably her very last chance. And though she was twenty-two, Though she was twenty-two, Though she was twenty-two... She married him. Life with my dad wasn't ever a picnic More like a "Come as you are." When I was five I remember my mother Dug earrings out of the car I knew they weren't hers But it wasn't something you'd wanna discuss He wasn't warm, well, not to her ... well, not to us But ev'rything was beautiful at the ballet. Graceful men lift lovely girls in white. Yes, ev'rything was beautiful at ballet, Hey! I was happy at the ballet. That's why I started ballet class SHEILA

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