A Chorus Line movie

A Chorus Line movie - Dance: Ten; Looks: Three

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Dance: ten; Looks; three.<br>

And I' still on unemployment,<br>

Dancing for my own enjoyment.<br>

That ain't it, kid. That ain't it, kid.<br>


"Dance: ten; Looks; three,"<br>

I like to die!<br>

Left the theatre and <br>

Called the doctor for<br>

My appointment to buy...<br>


Tits and ass.<br>

Bought myself a fancy pair.<br>

Tightened up the derriere.<br>

Did the nose with it.<br>

All that goes with it.<br>


Tits and ass!<br>

Had the bingo-bongos done.<br>

Suddenly I'm getting nash'nal tours!<br>

Tits and ass won't get you jobs<br>

Unless they're yours.<br>


Didn't cost a fortune neither.<br>

Didn't hurt my sex life either.<br>


Flat and sassy,<br>

I would get the strays and losers.<br>

Beggars really can't be choosers.<br>

That ain't it, kid. That ain't it, kid.<br>


Fised the chassis.<br>

"How do you do!"<br>

Life turned into and <br>

Endless medley of<br>

"Gee it had to be you!"<br>



Tits and ass!<br>

Where the cupboard once was bare<br>

Now you knock and someone's there.<br>

You have got 'em, hey.<br>

Top to bottom, hey.<br>


It's a gas!<br>

Just a dash of silicone.<br>

Shake your new maracas and you fine!<br>

Tits and ass can change your life.<br>

They sure changed mine.<br>


Have it all done.<br>

Honey, take my word.<br>

Grab a cab, c'mon.<br>

See the wizard on<br>

Park and Seventy-Third<br>



Tits and ass.<br>

Orchestra or balcony.<br>

What they want is whatcha see.<br>

Keep the best of you.<br>

Do the rest of you.<br>


Pits or class.<br>

I have never seen it fail.<br>

Debutante or chorus girl or wife.<br>


Tits and ass,<br>

Yes, tits and ass<br>

Have changed...<br>




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