A Balladeer

A Balladeer - Ting-A-Ling

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o here we are all stuck between<br />

These Fire Island men of means<br />

You must believe me when I say<br />

I like you, Jimmy Dean<br />

<br />

Let's take that Spyder for a ride<br />

Please, don't say you came by bike<br />

I know a game that we could play<br />

And it goes like<br />

<br />

Ting-a-ling<br />

<br />

They are not very hard to please<br />

All swishy-swashy, maître d's<br />

See what them Brackett boys can do<br />

For you<br />

For me<br />

<br />

Us users kiss a lot of rear<br />

But look at them, those leering queers<br />

They have no clue we see right through<br />

Let's get out of here to<br />

<br />

Ting-a-ling<br />

<br />

You're not the brightest but you're right<br />

Why go through life with one hand tied<br />

Behind this back of mine<br />

<br />

Drive, just drive<br />

<br />

Let's get out of here<br />

There is so much out there<br />

We are not the only ones

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