9th Wonder & Buckshot

9th Wonder & Buckshot - What I Gotta Say lyrics

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Wait a minute, just you listen

To what I've got so say, yeah

Say yeah, say yeah, say yeah

[Verse 1]

I started out wearin hoodies and the knapsack

Now I sell them, so you know I get a cash back

All leather like a brand new hatchback

Silver bullet BMW, they’re yelling past that

How did you pass that

Test when the rest labels fell faster than the bag they in Nasdaq

Go and ask that

Man, he’s standing right there, hundred gram in his hand telling the fans, yeah

He’s courteous, never nervous

Superbious, hood nigga but he ain’t suburbians

I got it all from the killas from the nerdiest

Clean mouth niggas to the south where the dirty is

All connect to global

So when I do shows overseas with my peeps I can show you

Plus we set up whatever we call

Me and 9th setting every mall

You’re wasting time, dawg


[Verse 2]

When I first came in the game, they said I couldn’t do it

So I just grandpooled it, meaning I brand-newed it

Y’all pursued it, you’re still pursuing it

I did it, yup, and still doing it

Still (?) it, yeah, gets better

Like a Cashmere sweater, or it’s last year’s cheddar

Duckdown’s ahead of

Anybody trying to rap the hip-hop ‘cause it was a wrap when I met her

You said hi, she said bye

You said why, she said, “I met Beady-Eyed”

He’s that guy, crownded, but his head in the sky

Anytime he looks around it, then it’s lead in your eye

Think it’s a joke? Feel them fo-fo’s arrive

This ain’t a game, nah, this ain’t poker’s eyes

Oversize, you ain’t even game-affiliated

Shit on Worldstar, man, you really made it

Buckshot’s created, flows like the hurricane seas

And 9th and Buckshot’s smile for no reason

You wasting time, dawg


[Verse 3]

I shut down the streets, barricade blocks like

What up fella? When you wanna rock?

And roll, in my pocket AKA a nine

Old school term, mint like condition, I am not (Get it?)

I am similar to brown blocks

Angelina Jolie shots for shooting around blocks

If you see a dot on your head that don’t mean you’re Hindu

That mean you’re withdrew

First thing on my mind is get mine

Break rules with the hammer on my waistline, waste time

Screw you? Nah, I bring drills

So I forklift money everyday when I eat a mill

Remember them skills up in Brownsville

That you got nice with, got broke, and broke nice with

I remember that like my first arrest

9th, bring in the chorus, give the verse a rest



Don’t play with me, I’m far from a game

I got this label shit locked, bars in a chain

You might see me, but I’m far from your lane

I’m the bullet with the shot, y’all just the stains

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