9th Wonder & Buckshot

9th Wonder & Buckshot - The Solution lyrics

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[Verse 1]

They call me Bruce Wayne Buck, Batman BDI

You can’t fuck with that man BDI

Psychotic when he get really high

I got it -- don’t I sound really fly?

Every lady in the spot agree

If it ain’t Buckshot, it’s me, K.B

Same person in the Benz with the curtain

And the chauffeur saying, Buck, turn right?

I’m like, for certain

It was real hard getting this far

But I got this label, this house, this money, this car

Can you say this, pa?

I think not; I think of how I feel, I think Pac

Me Against the World, shed so many tears

Writing letters, saying dear mama, can you really hear

Where I’m coming from; that’s the bottom line

And the goal is to hit the top and not waste time

Like tick tock, when the clock hit one

Y’all niggas is done

Buckshot’s it, you should stop

[Verse 2]

Stick a fork in ‘em

No disrespect to the rest, but Buckshot got New York in him

Little guy, blue denim

Not a snake, but the words that I use is like true venom

All in ‘em, all women

Recognize that the way that I ball is what you call tennis

Back and forth; who loves college, Asher Roth?

Me, I’m from the university they call raw

Kill ‘em all, reservoir dogs on the hounds’ll

Sniff out anybody who snitch out who’s around

Whose town? Cause from this point it’s all Buck

And, um, everybody down know what’s up

Major moves, make your moves

Buckshot, 9th Wonder on the spot

Never play by the rules like

Tock, tick, when the clock hit one

Y’all niggas is done

Buckshot’s it, you need to stop

[Verse 3]

It don’t matter, the Porsche or the Spider

Or me in the BM, pulling a all-nighter

It’s all right cause

My pockets ain’t seen a gap in a while

All you see is the gap or a crack when I smile but

It’s okay cause I still get ladies anyway

She thinking she bright but she shady anyway

We don’t give a fuck, do we? Nah

Smoke when I school dudes, Cooley High

Truly fly

Chicks get jealous, man

They used to listen before, but now I tell em, nah

Step aside, let the boss get past

You a trick; why, nigga? Cause you floss from Mass

I’m like, damn, you worked so hard just to give it up

She chilling in your car cause she give it up

What a life. I’m a witness

Enough to tell niggas, mind your business

You need to stop


Stop and listen, listen and stop

Number one album, 9th Wonder, Buckshot

This is what we do, I salute shit

Comes every day, I pollute shit

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