9th Wonder & Buckshot

9th Wonder & Buckshot - The Feeling lyrics

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[Verse 1]

You told me you a ride or die chick

But you're more like a ride or lie chick

Try to lie to me? Try to lie to duke

Try to get him shot? Or the guy to shoots?

Either way the outcome is ugly

When you got two guys and you try to live lovely

Like rugby, that game is foreign

So you ended up with none, and lost both, you starving

The dog went for the bone in the pond

And lost both, the bone and the reflection, gone man

You had a good thing, a real good nigga

A man on a job, but still a hood nigga

Still I would figure, you would recognize

I was wrong, you was feeling strong disrespecting guys

Shawty bug, need pesticide

Mary J. Blige, real love you should exercise


Is it me or is it him?

Is it ours or is it yours?

See, ya mind’s still locked behind bars

You wanna roll with him or roll with a star?

[Verse 2]

You playing high school games, that’s ping pong

Game over, that’s why you notice everything gone

Pain over, any image you had in your head

Of me and you out chilling, that shit’s dead

Rigor mortis, you was feeling good like a baller

‘Till you woke up in the morning feeling all this, like what you call this?

It’s called getting played, it’s called getting caught

You know, the same shit they say when you get in court

Mama, I thought you was support, meanwhile, I was just around

Not for support, a bus down?

What the fuck is that? Take the bus back

And don’t think of coming back, nah she with us now

She could feel the perks in my pain

And she could feel the worth of my game, it’s all the same

Either way you lost one like Jane

And feel that like the drums by Ye, have a nice day



You tried to play me

You fucked around and played yourself, you played yourself

I’mma keep it a hundred

Look ma, you fronted, now I don’t even want it


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