9th Wonder & Buckshot

9th Wonder & Buckshot - The Change Up lyrics

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Every day

When I’m on the streets, ain’t no time to play

All I do is look up in the night, I don’t see no light

All I do is see the dark, then I let my gun spark


[Verse 1]

Everyday I wake up, I’m thinking of something different

My life is just like a visit, I’m only here for a minute

Fuck it, I gotta get it

Nothing y’all gotta give it

I’m doing a lot of business

Everybody just drop and just give me

One hundred push-ups

What’s up with Buck?

He here, you not

You scared, you shot

I dare two cops to play the hero -- uh oh

Whether or not you agree with my vision, a lot of niggas rot in the prison

Power no different

Television is telling lies, so I

Hit the street, street Bible wise

And tell the Ten Commandments

My niggas is bandits

Outlandish with hammers, no wonder why they can’t stand us

Cannabis, fatigues, raw power

Strapped for the battle, I’m walking the block with ease

Let’s go, let’s go


[Verse 2]

I’m on fire, call me molten metal

It ain’t my folks you settle

This shit I spit go through metal, I roll with the devil

Every dollar in my pocket’s from the flows I pedal

Like handbags of Louis and Gucci come up

You a replica of the real

Almost there, so what?

I ain’t never seen ya CD

Only D I see is the D’s that sweep me

With me, a frisbee out at night

Who didn’t disappear on em? Yeah, I ain’t on em

I was in the zone

Take money money, make money money, that’s the only thing on my dome

I’m a beast if I don’t eat

Fuck beef, all I need is a rapper or one beat

I’m a boss

You Chinese niggas is duck sauce

You half a chicken

Go half on your living

Get lost


[Verse 3]

Yeah, I’m a murderer

A motherfucking killer on the loose

Y’all niggas is filla on the roof

I know, I can’t get mad at you

But I can say ‘Damn, that’s bad for you’

Broke ass, broke glass, cut it nigga severely

Fuck what you heard, y’all niggas hear me

I’m bullhorn, you niggas bullshit, come one

Got bitches waiting on my lawn

I walked at night like Spawn

(?), oh yes, half that niggas is gone

Make moves, my shit is SA-radius

Street approved in the jails like the essay’s rated

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