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9th Wonder & Buckshot - Stop Rapping lyrics

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Look up in the sky, where you'd rather be

Lie to yourself, you can't lie to me

You see lights, camera and action

Everything ain't for everyone, son, stop rapping

Look up in the sky, where you'd rather be

Lie to yourself, you can't lie to me

I see true careers collapsing

Everything ain't for everyone, son, stop rapping

[Verse 1]

Damn, you make it look so easy

For me to get paid, but this shit crazy

I've been at it for five joints

And I still ain't make a profit or pocket one point

I paid for my trip to the UK

Even spent more than the grip in two days

I figured, ay, if I'mma blow right now

Then I'mma go right now, my dough low right now

But it'll, loosen up as I'm moving up the charts

But the only charts I see is a bus

My money feel cold like crush

But me and my niggas hot so I know it ain't us

We the shit and we ain't even sell a record yet

Every nigga on the block saying son a vet

The mixtape don, the father of the features

The problem is none of the features coming out neither

So you can now neither

Come forward or say "son, I ain't gonna blow, and I know it"

I can't show it

I should have kept my nine to five

But hip hop had me believing that I should try


[Verse 2]

Gucci, Louis, Louis, Gucci

Niggas kill me when they say they making movies

You're no Bruce Lee

Return of the dragon, enter the dragon

Enter the stage, y'all can imagine

It's no beauty pageant, you don't get picked

You put in work, and then they love you cause you didn't quit

You don't make movies, you make skits

For little tricks in your neighborhood, then you disappear quick

David Blaine, you can save the blame, for yourself

Cause you fucked up, boy, no one else

Telling yourself, yeah, we on tour

When you been around the world in your bullshit Honda Accord

Ops, a minivan, do you get any fans?

Say you the best, not yet, change of plans

Go get another career

Cause hip hop is like a ball head, for you it's not here


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