9th Wonder & Buckshot

9th Wonder & Buckshot - SAM lyrics

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On the block, listening to Buckshot in the trap

Twenty four hours a day

[Verse 1]

Focus your attention, not to mention the fact

Yeah, I’m high off the liquor plus a bench and a fat L

HIgh as hell, no YSL

Strictly LRG for the BD emcee

Let’s see who could follow me on the journey

I burn trees like third degrees, you heard of me

If not, this might be your last shot

Cause you’re falling off fast in hip-hop

Drip-drop in your money fountain

No more in front of your honey counting -- chill

My skills pay bills; why you don’t?

You cry, who gon’ cry for me? You won’t

Stop stressing; my impression

I’m never impressed by the rest, so stop guessing

What’s next on my agenda

Cause you might be gone til November

Chill, Sam

[Verse 2]

Everybody got they own Sam

Sam sells drugs by the fruit stand, ducking blue vans

Every day, he got at least two grand

I’m like, damn Sam, can I get a part of your plan?

He said no problo, no job, no stress

We can get it off consignment, yeah, I know Bless

Who’s Bless? He worked for your older brother

When he had that crack spot open to the public

So lovely, now you want a piece of the action

When these streets see you cracking and they wonder what happened

Asking, how can I be just like you?

When I get dressed, I’ll dress just like you

I said two things -- every hustle got a hassle

Watch the money on the lasso, it come with a string

Yo Sam, this is who I am

Hip-hop, you in the trap, we both the same, man


On the block

Listening to Buckshot in the trap

Twenty four hours a day

On the clock

Nah mean?

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