999 - Your Number Is My Number lyrics

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I've got a new disguise<br>

Loock into my eyes<br>

There is something tou don't know<br>

I want to show you<br>

Try another plan<br>

Decieve me if you can<br>

Everywhere you go you'll find me there<br>


You're so easy<br>

You're so wet inside<br>

And you're shakin' all over like<br>

The leaves on a three<br>

There is no way out no escaping from me<br>

Our senses are one but the reasons is lost<br>

Cos I am what I am<br>

And I do what I do<br>

Youre number is my number<br>


Unlearn what you ewre taught<br>

I contemplated<br>

There is nothing to conceal<br>

I want to show you<br>

Try to understand<br>

Deceive me if you can<br>

Now there's nothing you don't know<br>

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