999 - I'm Alive lyrics

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It's a sad affliction causing me restriction<br>

This isn't what I wanted to do<br>

I just cant belive it I would like to leave it<br>

And get into something new<br>

Just about to lose my mind<br>

Working just drives me wild<br>

Watch out for me now cos<br>


I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive<br>


Don't like pretty bureaucracies and detentions<br>

Don't wear those funny clothes<br>

Get into schemes or pensions<br>

Do the same thing every day<br>

I cant stay up to late<br>

Watch out for me now cos<br>


Stuff you in a pakage send you<br>

Flight inter-continental<br>

Your not having me that stuff<br>

Just drives me mental<br>

I'm gonna stay right here<br>

Aint got nothing to fear<br>

Watch out for me now cos<br>


I'm alive watch the clock<br>

I'm alive sitting here<br>

I'm alive fall asleep<br>

I'm alive loads of sheep<br>

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